Collogue:Leet o Chemical elements

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i'm not sure how to fix the title's capitalisation? Irtapil (tauk) 12:25, 14 Januar 2020 (UTC)

Scots names that are ambiguous:

- I put the title of the element's page from first, but some are stubs in* which look to be direct from en.wikipedia: Actinium, Lanthanum, Iridium etc.

- Lanthanium, Acteenium, Ireedium, Amereecium, and Cuinium are dead links from other sco.wikipedia chemistry pages (possibly attempts to transliterate the names into Scots spelling? possibly from an old textbook? possibly just typos?)

- several old names (Ununpentium, Ununseptium, Ununoctium) were on other sco.wikipedia pages, but already redirected to updated names

Irtapil (tauk) 13:22, 14 Januar 2020 (UTC)