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Liz the twa/ane[eedit soorce]

She is in fact Elizabeth II in Scotland an a', see en:List_of_regnal_numerals_of_future_British_monarchs. Whit it byles doun tae is that she's the Queen efter a' an she gets tae say whit nummer she haes... Houaniver there wis juist the ae Queen Elizabeth in 2000 sae we dinna need tae mention onie nummers in this airticle ;-) Mendor 16:16, 7 Mairch 2007 (UTC)

This is just anglocentric rubbish. Inverness was a city long before the Queen of United Kingdom claimed it was. Mind the auld sang -
Nae Liz the yin
Nae Liz the twa
We'll hae nae Queen at a
In the Scottish break awa!
Shouldn't you be writing your nat. rubbish in the Scots 'language', seeing as this is supposed to be the Scots Wikipedia?
I'd say that, as long as it's got a cathedral, it's a city. Yep, Brechin, Elgin, Kirkwall, all cities for me :D