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@Bangalamania: A wad aye be straucht wi 'writer' vs. 'scriever', 'career' vs. 'thrift' (the hinnermaist are aye richt i Scots).

for 'muckle douth an surreal' dae ye mean (en) "very dark and surreal"? gey is a better intensifier nor muckle, whit is mair "big" or "much". A'm no shair about 'douth' avaa. Gin it's "Black Humour/Gallows Humour), mibbe juist gang wi 'derk' or 'black', or 'gallas' e'en.

'wha', 'wham', 'whilk' etc are aa faux-Scots or hyper-corrections. 'that' an 'whit' are the relative pronouns aye yaised i Scots.

'wark' is the noun, 'wirk' is the verb. 'shap' maun be 'shop' (disna pit bi fowk wha say it 'shoap')

'becam' is pt. o 'become'

'first' is fine Scots, 'erest' is mair "earliest" (gin at's whit ye war myntin at)

'satisfy' for common haes a sindry meanin i Scots nor English. A wad gae wi 'blythe', 'gled'.

'effort' coud be 'mynt' or 'ettle' (attempt, try)

promoved is auld-farrant an is mair liker o bein gart tae a heicher steid at yer wark. McQueer coud be a "follaer o Celtic" an he coud'v "heezed up the leid" (increased the visibility of, encouraged, kindled).

no awfu shair whit "faur ben" is. Dae ye mean "(en) wide reaching?"

Entohist (tauk) 13:51, 25 September 2020 (UTC)

@Entohist: Thanks so much for taking time to correct, I really appreciate it! As for 'faur ben' I was meaning something like the English 'well-received'; "heezed up the leid" is a much better alternative! --Bangalamania (tauk) 14:03, 25 September 2020 (UTC)