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Article Expansion[eedit soorce]

I was asked by a user here to help expand this article. I'm going to use this talk space to act as a "test area" for me to write in. I can understand Scots just fine, but I dont have enough knowledge to be able to write in it, unless I were to piece together words which I've seen, otherwise I run the risk of looking silly. Feel free to chip in and help.

The Auld Inglis leid is a Wast Germanic leid that wis spak i Breetain atween aboot 425 an 1125. Hit is an early mak o Inglis an Scots, an is sib wi Auld Frisian an Auld Saxon. Wast Saxon wis the heidmaist mak o Auld Inglis in the auncient corpus, includin the epic poem Beowulf, as the Wast Saxons wis the strangest kinrick o thon time, while the Northumbrian dialect o Auld Inglis eventually becam the Scots leid.

O aw the descendants o Auld Inglis, Scots is the maist true tae the oreeginal furm.

Auld Inglis Scots
Eald Englisc Auld Inglis
hit hit
ēacod eikit
sibb sib
mæst maist
ȝefunden fund
þoht thocht
ōhsta oxter

Wōdenhelm 03:55, 12 Mey 2009 (UTC)

Leuks fine tae me. Nae doot, smaw chynges can aye be duin but naethin worth spikkin o. -- Derek Ross | News 04:29, 17 Mey 2009 (UTC)