Colin Beattie

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Colin Beattie

Colin Beattie.JPG
Member o the Scots Pairlament
for Midlowden North an Musselburgh
Assumed office
5 Mey 2011
Precedit bi Constituency creautit
Majority 7,035 (20.3%)
Personal details
Born (1951-10-17) 17 October 1951 (age 67)
Farfar, Angus, Scotland
Naitionality Breetish
Poleetical pairty Scots Naitional Pairty
Spoose(s) Liza
Residence Scotland
Thrift SNP Naitional Thesaurer

Colin Beattie (born 17 October 1951)[1] is the Scots Naitional Pairty (SNP) Member o the Scots Pairlament (MSP) for the Midlowden North an Musselburgh constituency syne 2011.

Pairty poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Jim Mather
Thesaurer o the Scots Naitional Pairty
Succeedit bi
  1. Reynolds, Rory (6 May 2011). "Beattie claims new seat with 'historic' win over Labour". Edinburgh Evening News. Retrieved 8 May 2011.