Clydebank Blitz

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A defuised, German 1000kg Luftmine (Parachute mine). Glesga, 18 Mairch 1941

The Clydebank Blitz refers tae twa devastatin Luftwaffe air raids on the shipbiggin toun o Clydebank in Scotland wit teuk place in Mairch 1941.

De Air Raid

A a result af de raids on de nites of 13 and 14 Mairch 1941, de toon was largely desroied n it suffered de warst destruction n civilian lass af life in o of Scotland. 1,200 people deed, 1,000 people were seriously injured, n hundres mare were injured be a blast aff debri. Out af approximately 12,000 hooses, only eiet remaind undamaged — wit 4,000 completely destroyed n 4,500 severely damaged. Over 35,000 people were made hameless.Coordinates: 55°53′59″N 4°24′02″W / 55.8997°N 4.4006°W / 55.8997; -4.4006