Clyde Tunnel

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Clyde Tunnel
Clyde Tunnel Southern Entrance - - 138002.jpg
The sooth portal o the Clyde Tunnel at Linthouse
Offeecial name Clyde Tunnel
Location River Clyde, Linthouse an Whiteinch in Glesga
Coordinates 55°52′07″N 4°19′52″W / 55.86867°N 4.33115°W / 55.86867; -4.33115Coordinates: 55°52′07″N 4°19′52″W / 55.86867°N 4.33115°W / 55.86867; -4.33115
Route A739 road
Opened 3 Julie 1963
Operator Glesga Ceety Cooncil
Traffic 65,000
Toll Free
Lenth 762 metres (2,500.0 ft) (northboond an southboond)[1]
Nummer o lanes 4
Tunnel clearance 17.5 feet (5.3 m) [2]

The Clyde Tunnel is a crossin beneath the River Clyde in Glesga, Scotland. Twa parallel tunnel tubes connect the destricts o Whiteinch tae the north an Govan tae the sooth in the wast o the ceety.

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