Clyde Tombaugh

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Clyde Tombaugh
Clyde W. Tombaugh.jpeg
Tombaugh at his faimily's farm wi his homemade telescope (1928)
Born Clyde William Tombaugh
4 Februar 1906(1906-02-04)
Streator, Illinois, U.S.
Died 17 Januar 1997(1997-01-17) (aged 90)
Las Cruces, New Mexico, U.S.
Naitionality American
Thrift Astronomer
Kent for Discovery o Pluto
Hauf-marrae(s) Patricia (1912–2012)
Childer Annette an Alden
Relatives Clayton Kershaw (great-nephew)
Matthew Tombaugh
Richard Tombaugh
Awairds Jackson-Gwilt Medal (1931)
Rittenhouse Medal (1990)

Clyde William Tombaugh (Februar 4, 1906 – Januar 17, 1997) wis an American astronomer. He discovered Pluto in 1930, the first object tae be discovered in whit would later be identifee'd as the Kuiper belt.