Clyde Auditorium

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Clyde Auditorium
The Armadillo
Clyde Auditorium, 2008
Address Finnieston Street
G3 8YW
Awner SEC Ltd.
Capacity 3,000
Appent 7 September 1997 (1997-09-07)
Construction cost £30 million
Venue Info

The Clyde Auditorium, familiarly kent as "The Armadillo", is a concert venue in Glesga, Scotland. The biggin sits on the steid o the nou infilled Queen's Dock on the River Clyde, adjacent tae the Scots Exhibeetion an Conference Centre.

Coordinates: 55°51′34″N 4°17′17″W / 55.859496°N 4.287962°W / 55.859496; -4.287962