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Clyde Arc

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Clyde Arc
View o the Clyde Arc frae the East
Coordinates55°51′26″N 4°16′57″W / 55.85722°N 4.28250°W / 55.85722; -4.28250
CarriesMotor vehicles, cyclists an pedestrians
CrossesRiver Clyde
LocaleGlesga, Scotland
Offeecial nameClyde Arc
WidthDual twa-lane cairiagewey, twa cycle/footpaths (tot weenth 22m)
Langest span96m
Construction cost£20.3 Million (Budget)
Opened18 September 2006 [1]

The Clyde Arc (kent locally as the Squinty Brig), is a road brig spannin the River Clyde in Glesga.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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