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Fou name Club Nacional de Football
Elk-name(s) Bolso, Tricolores (Tricolors), Bolsilludo, La Gallina, Albos (Whites)[1]
Foondit 14 Mey 1899; 119 years ago (1899-05-14)
Grund Estadio Gran Parque Central
(capacity: 28,000[2] (expanding to 40.000))
Chairman José Luis Rodríguez (2015)
Manager Gustavo Munúa
League Primera División
2014–15 1st
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Away colours
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Club Nacional de Football (Spaingie pronunciation: [kluβ nasjoˈnal de ˈfutbol]) is a sports institution frae Uruguay, foondit on 14 Mey 1899 in Montevideo, as a result o the fusion atween Uruguay Athletic Club an Montevideo Fútbol Club.[3] Awtho its main focus is fitbaw, the club hosts mony ither activities includin basketbaw, futsal, tennis, cyclin, volleybaw an chess.

In the domestic league, Nacional wan the championship 45 times, bein the last the 2014–15 saison. Nacional is the maist successful club in Uruguay in terms o nummer o league titles.[4]

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