Clone Wars (Star Wars)

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Clone Wars
Date22 BBY-19 BBY
LocationGalaxy (Star Wars)

Galactic Republic/Galactic Empire victory

  • Decimation of both Republic and CIS-aligned planets
  • Anakin Skywalker transforms into Darth Vader
  • Great Jedi Purge begins
  • CIS remnants form efter the daith o aw members o the Separatist Cooncil
  • Separatist Congress is dissolved
  • Beginnin o Darth Sidious's theocratic/autocratic rule
  • Transformation o Galactic Republic intae Galactic Empire

Galactic Republic (reorganization intae Galactic Empire during the Clone Wars)


  • Separatist Cooncil†
    • Trade Federation
    • Techno Union
    • InterGalactic Bankin Clan
    • Others
  • Separatist Congress (unkent fate)
  • Sith Order (Palpatine an Dooku/Tyranus)
Commanders an leaders

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine

Darth Sidious (alias o Chancellor Palpatine an Secret Leader)

Grand Airmy o the Republic Separatist Droid Airmy

The Clone Wars are a galaxy-wide conflict that forms a major part o George Lucas's science feection franchise Star Wars.