Cless (biology)

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The hierarchy o biological clessification's aicht muckle taxonomic ranks. Middlin smaw rankins arena shawn.

In biological classification, cless (Laitin: classis) is:

  • a taxonomic rank. Ither well-kent ranks are life, domain, kinrick, phylum, order, faimily, genus, an species, wi cless fittin atween phylum an order. As for the ither well-kent ranks, thare is the option o an immediately lawer rank, indicatit bi the prefix sub-: subclass (Laitin: subclassis).
  • a taxonomic unit, a taxon, in that rank. In that case the plural is classes (Laitin classes)

The composeetion o each cless is determined bi a taxonomist. Eften thare is na exact agreement, wi different taxonomists takin different poseetions. Thare are na haird rules that a taxonomist needs tae follae in describin a class, but for well-kent ainimals thare is likely tae be consensus. For example, dugs are uisually assigned tae the phylum Chordata (ainimals wi notochords); in the class Mammalia; in the order Carnivora.