Claudia Schiffer

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Claudia Schiffer
Claudia Schiffer 2009.jpg
Schiffer in 2009
Born (1970-08-25) 25 August 1970 (age 50)
Rheinberg, North Rhine-Westphalie, Wast Germany
  • Creative director
  • model
Years active1989–present
Hauf-marrae(s)Matthew Vaughn (m. 2002)
Modellin information
Hair colourBlonde
Ee colourBlue
AgencyCarla James

Claudia Schiffer (German pronunciation: [ˈklaʊ̯dɪa ˈʃɪfɐ]; born 25 August 1970) is a German model an creative director o her ain clothin label.[2] Schiffer rose tae popularity an became a hoosehaud name durin the early 1990s as ane o the warld's maist successfu models. In her early career, she wis said tae resemble Brigitte Bardot.[3] She haes appeared on mair nor 1000 magazine covers[4] an hauds the record for the supermodel wi the maist magazine covers leetit in the Guinness Book of World Records.[5][6][7] In 2002, Forbes estimatit her net worth at aboot US$55 million (£38 million).

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