Claudette Colbert

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Claudette Colbert
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Born Emilie Chauchoin
13 September 1903(1903-09-13)
Saint-Mandé, Fraunce
Died 30 Julie 1996(1996-07-30) (aged 92)
Speightstown, Barbados
Naitionality American
Ither names Lily Claudette Chauchoin
Ethnicity Breetish French
Eddication Airt Students League o New York
Thrift Actress
Years active 1925–1965, 1974-1987
Hauf-marrae(s) Norman Foster (1928–1935)
Dr. Joel Pressman (1935–1968)
his death

Claudette Colbert (/klˈbɛər/; 13 September 1903 – 30 Julie 1996) wis a French-born American actress, an a leadin lady for twa decades.