Claude o Fraunce (1499–1524)

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Claude o Fraunce
Claude of France, Duchess of Brittany.jpg
Queen Claude (École française, 16th century)
Duchess o Brittany
Ring 9 January 1514 – 20 Julie 1524
Predecessor Anne
Successor Francis III
Queen consort o Fraunce
Tenure 1 Januar 1515 – 20 Julie 1524
Coronation 10 Mey 1517
Born 13 October 1499
Dee'd 20 Julie 1524(1524-07-20) (aged 24)
Château de Blois
Buirial Saint Denis Basilica
Spouse Francis I o Fraunce
Issue François, Duke o Brittany
Henry II, Keeng o France
Madeleine, Queen o Scots
Charles, Duke o Orléans
Marguerite, Duchess o Savoy
Hoose Valois (Orléans branch)
Faither Louis XII o Fraunce
Mither Anne, Duchess o Brittany
COA french queen Claude de France.svg

Claude o Fraunce (13 October 1499 – 20 July 1524) wis a queen consort o Fraunce bi mairiage tae Francis I o Fraunce. She wis aa ruling Duchess o Brittany fae 1514. She was a daughter o Keeng Louis XII o Fraunce an Anne o Brittany.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. François o France, Duke o Brittany (28 Februar 1518 – 10 August 1536) died young.
  2. Henry II o Fraunce 31 Mairch 1519 – 10 Julie 1559) mairit Catherine de' Medici an haed childer.
  3. Madeleine o Fraunce (10 August 1520 – 7 Julie 1537) mairit James V o Scotland but haed nae childer.
  4. Charles o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans (22 Januar 1522 – 9 September 1545) niver mairit an haed nae childer.
  5. Marguerite o Fraunce (5 Juin 1523 – 15 September 1574) mairit Emmanuel Philibert, Duke o Savoy an haed childer.

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