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Claude Shannon
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Born 30 Apryle 1916(1916-04-30)
Petoskey, Michigan, Unitit States
Died 24 Februar 2001(2001-02-24) (aged 84)
Medford, Massachusetts, Unitit States
Naitionality American
Alma mater Varsity o Michigan,
Kent for
Awairds Stuart Ballantine Medal (1955)
IEEE Medal o Honour (1966)
Naitional Medal o Science (1966)
Harvey Prize (1972)
Claude E. Shannon Awaird (1972)
Harold Pender Awaird (1978)
John Fritz Medal (1983)
Kyoto Prize (1985)
Naitional Inventors Haw o Fame (2004)
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics an electronic ingineerin
Institutions Bell Labs
Institute for Advanced Study
Doctoral advisor Frank Lauren Hitchcock
Doctoral students Danny Hillis
Ivan Sutherland
Bert Sutherland
Heinrich Arnold Ernst

Claude Elwood Shannon (Aprile 30, 1916 – Februar 24, 2001) wis an American mathematician, electrical ingineer, an cryptografer kent as "the faither o information theory".[1][2]

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