Claire Clémence de Maillé

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Claire Clémence de Maillé
Princess o Condé
Coat of arms of Claire Clémence de Maillé as Princess of Condé.png
Coat o arms o Claire Clémence de Maillé as Princess o Condé.
Born25 Februar 1628(1628-02-25)
Brézé, Fraunce
Dee'd16 Apryle 1694(1694-04-16) (aged 66)
Château de Châteauroux, Fraunce
BuirialKirk o Saint Martin, Châteauroux, Fraunce
SpouseLouis, Grand Condé
IssueHenri Jules, Prince o Condé
Louis, Duke o Bourbon
Full name
Claire Clémence de Maillé
FaitherUrbain de Maillé, Marquis o Brézé
MitherNicole du Plessis
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
SeegnaturClaire Clémence de Maillé's signature

Claire Clémence de Maillé (25 Februar 1628 – 16 Aprile 1694) was a French noblewoman an wis a relation o Cardinal Richelieu, Claire Clémence's mither being the sister o the Cardinal. Eventually she wis forced tae mairy Louis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé (Le Grand Condé) the couple haed several childer thegither. Her faither wis Urbain de Maillé, Marquis o Brézé wis her faither's title not her surname. Prior tae mairiage she wis styled Mademoiselle de Brézé. She wis burit at the Kirk o Saint Martin, near the Château de Châteauroux in Fraunce.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Henri Jules de Bourbon, Prince o Condé (29 Julie 1643 - 1 Aprile 170) mairit Anne o Bavarie an haed issue.
  2. Louis de Bourbon, Duke o Bourbon (20 September 1652 - 11 Aprile 1653) died in infancy.
  3. Mademoiselle de Bourbon (12 November 1657 - 28 September 1660) died in infancy.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 25 Februar 1628 - Februar 1641 Mademoiselle de Brézé.
  • Februar 1641 -26 December 1646 Her Most Serene Highness The Duchess o Enghien.
  • 26 December 1646 - 11 November 1686 Her Most Serene Highness The Princess o Condé (Madame la princesse)
  • 11 November 1686 - 16 Aprile 1694 Her Most Serene Highness The Dowager Princess o Condé. (Madame la princesse douairière)

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