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The Citroën CX is an automobile produced bi the French automaker Citroën frae 1974 tae 1991. Citroën sold nearly 1.2 million CXs durin its 16 years o production. The CX wis voted European Caur o the Year in 1975.

It is considered bi some enthusiasts as the last "real Citroën" afore Peugeot took control o the company in 1976. "Real Citroën" refers tae the trademark avant garde technical an design innovation, prized bi marque loyalists.

Available models wur a fower-door fastback, a station wagon (estate), an a lang-wheelbase model built on the break chassis. The CX employed Citroën's unique hydropneumatic self-levelin suspension system.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The CX wis initially a huge success in Europe, mair than 132,000 units being produced in 1978. It foond customers ayont the loyal Citroën DS customer base an brought the technology o the advanced, but somewha impractical, Citroën SM tae the masses. Unlike its principal competitors, the CX did no hae warldwide distribution — the cost o development ad improvements haed tae be met frae a geographically sma sales base.

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