Cirrocumulus clood

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Cirrocumulus clood
Cirrocumulus 20040830.jpg
Cirrocumulus floccus
Abbreviation Cc[1]
Genus Cirro- (curl o hair)
-cumulus (heaped)
Altitude Abuin 6,000 m
(20,000 ft)
Clessification Family A (Heich-level)
Appearance Smaa, heich, patched cloods, in rows[2]
Precipitation clood? Occasionally virga.[2] Mey form ahead o a frontal sestem, especially thegither wi other cirriform cloods meanin rain in aroond 10 oors.

Cirrocumulus is ane o the three main genus-teeps o heich-altitude tropospheric cloods, the ither twa bein cirrus an cirrostratus.[3]

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