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Dorsal slit.jpg
Dorsal slit circumceesion
Male circumceesion prevalence by country, according to sources from Circumcision Reference and Commentary Service:[1]
Penis o an adult male afore (left) an efter (richt) circumceesion.

Male circumceesion (frae Laitin circumcidere, meanin "tae cut aroond")[2] is the surgical removal of the foreskin (prepuce) from the human penis.[3][4][5] In a teepical procedur, the foreskin is appent an then separatit frae the glans efter inspection. The circumceesion device (gin uised) is placed, an then the foreskin is remuived. Topical or locally inject anesthesia is occasionally uised tae reduce pyne an pheesiologic stress.[6]

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