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The Roman empire unner Augustus (ruled 27 BC-14 AD), shawin the location o the Cimbri in their oreeginal hame in the northren pairt o the Jutland peninsula.

The Cimbri war an auncient fowk, either Germanic or Celtic wha, thegither wi the Teutones an the Ambrones, focht the Roman Republic atween 113 an 101 BC.[1] The Cimbri war ineetially successfu, pairteecularly at the Battle o Arausio, in which a lairge Roman airmy wis routit, efter which they raided lairge auries in Gaul an Hispania. In 101 BC, during an attemptit invasion o Italy, the Cimbri war decisively defeatit bi Gaius Marius, an thair keeng, Boiorix, wis killed. Some o the survivin captives are reportit tae hae been amang the rebellin Gladiators in the Third Servile War.[2]

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