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IndustrieSatellite televeesion
FoonditFebruar 1, 2009; 11 years ago (2009-02-01)
Aurie served
Key fowk
Jane Basas (Preses)
Oscar Reyes, Jr. (COO)
AwnerCignal TV Inc. (a subsidiary of MediaQuest Hauldings)

Cignal (pronounced as signal) is a subscription-based Direct-Tae-Home (DTH) satellite televeesion service and Internet Protocol televeesion provider in the Philippines. Cignal is awned by Cignal TV Inc., a wholly awned subsidiary of the MediaQuest Hauldings Inc. unner the PLDT Beneficial Trust Fund.[1]

For subscribers tae receive Cignal broadcasts, thay mey either haeve it through satellite broadcast or through the internet. Its IPTV service is availed through PLDT in which the digital set-top box is connectit with the optical network terminal through a ethernet cable. Cignal’s prepaid electronic loading seestem, is powered by the prepaid loading platform of Smart Communications, Inc.[2] Cignal uises VideoGuard encryption system tae protect its content frae signal piracy. Cignal TV is uising the SES-7 satellite tae provide optimal coverage directly tae the target markets.[3]

Cignal offers baith Prepaid and Postpaid plans as low as ₱120 and heich as ₱1990 per month.

Thay transmit 89 SD channels, 32 HD channels, and 12 audio channels. Thay offer Pay-per-view services as well as streaming services.[4]

Cignal uises the DVB-S2 digital televeesion broadcast staundart tae accommodate baith Staundart Defineetion (SD) and Heich Defineetion (HD) TV broadcasts.

As of Juin 2018, Cignal reached the 2,000,000 subscribers mark.

Cignal operates a premium movie channel named Cignal 24/7 Pinoy Pay-Per-View. Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can watch movies at ₱30 on channel 196.

Cignal Digital TV 2009 tae 2013 logo

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