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'Street Fighter' chairacter
Chun-Li tatsunoko.png
First gemmeStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991)

Chun-Li (春麗, an aw チュン・リー, Chun Rī, simplifeed Cheenese: 春丽; traditeeonal Cheenese: 春麗; pinyin: Chūn Lì)[1] is a chairacter in Capcom's Street Fighter series.[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. "In Mandarin, the name o Capcom's leggy femme fatale is 春麗. Chūn (春) meanin 'spring', an lì (麗) meanin 'beautiful'. In ither wirds, Chun-li is a young girl filled wi the beauty o spring". See Ben Reeves, "HELLO my name is: Exploring the Meaning of Your Favorite Character's Name", Game Informer 203 (Mairch 2010): 25.
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