Chukchi Sea

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Cairt o the Chukchi Sea.

Chukchi Sea (Roushie: Чуко́тское мо́ре) is a marginal sea o the Arctic Ocean. It is boondit on the wast bi the De Long Strait, aff Wrangel Island, an in the east bi Pynt Barrow, Alaska, beyond which lies the Beaufort Sea. The Bering Strait fairms its soothrenmaist leemit an connects it tae the Bering Sea an the Paceefic Ocean. The principal port on the Chukchi Sea is Uelen in Roushie. The Internaitional Date Line crosses the Chukchi Sea frae NW tae SE. It is displaced eastwards tae avoid Wrangel Island as well as the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug on the Roushie mainland.

Fauna[eedit | eedit soorce]

The polar bear is foond on pack ice o the Chukchi Sea; in fact, the population of polar bears that is found in the sea and its pack ice is ane o the five genetically distinct Eurasie populations o this species.[1]

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Coordinates: 69°N 172°W / 69°N 172°W / 69; -172