Christchurch mosque shuitins

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Christchurch mosque shuitins
Pairt o Terrorism in New Zealand
Canterbury Mosque 12 June 2006 (adjusted levels).jpg
Al Noor Mosque, Juin 2006

Location o Al Noor Mosque (left) an Linwood Islamic Centre (richt)
LocationChristchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Coordinates43°31′58″S 172°36′42″E / 43.5329°S 172.6118°E / -43.5329; 172.6118Coordinates: 43°31′58″S 172°36′42″E / 43.5329°S 172.6118°E / -43.5329; 172.6118
Date15 Mairch 2019
1:40 p.m. (NZDT; UTC+13)
Attack teep
Mass shuitin[1]
WappensTwa semi-automatic rifles, twa shotguns, ane bolt-action rifle, undetonatit caur bomb
  • 42 at Al Noor Mosque
  • 7 at Linwood Islamic Center
  • 1 later at Christchurch Hospital
Non-fatal injures

The Christchurch mosque shuitins war twa consecutive terrorist mass shuitins at Al Noor Mosque an the Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, in Fryday prayers on 15 Mairch 2019.[2]

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