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Chris McQueer

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Chris McQueer
BornChris McQueer
Glesca, Scotland
ThriftScriever an Makar
LeidScots an Inglis
EddicationCity o Glesca College
Period2017–the nou
GenreDerk/gallas humour, surrealism, cutty tales
RelativesTracy Jane McQueer (mither)
Jay Gray (brither)

Chris McQueer is a Scots scriever an spoken-ward makar, that scrieves in baith Scots an Scots Inglis. His scrievins are gey dark, gallas humour an surreal. He is kenspeckle fur his twa furthset quairs o cutty tales, Hings an HWFG.

Background[eedit | eedit soorce]

McQueer was brocht up in the East End o Glesca. He wirked in a sports shop[1] an as a crime scene cleaner[2] afore he becam a scriever an makar. He is a follaer o Celtic F.C..

Thrift[eedit | eedit soorce]

He began his scrievin thrift bi self-furthsettin cutty tales on Twitter. His first buik collect, Hings, wis furthset in 2017 an wis gaithert fae Twitter. It gained Best Short Story Collection at the 2018 Saboteur Awards.[1]

The muckle sonse o Hings alloued McQueer tae gie up his job tae scrieve fu-time. It wis follaed by 2018's HWFG (which stauns fur Here We Fucking Go), an wis McQueer's foremaist collect o stories tae be scrieven anely fur buik publication. Efter nae bein blythe wi his initial ettle, whit he felt haed too muckle semblance tae the style o Hings, he gied the buik a derk tone. Later, he began wirk on his first novelle. McQueer also gies a wheen o spaken-ward performance o his scrievins.[3][1]

In 2019, a few o the tales fae Hings wis adapted as a three-part series o cutty films fae BBC iPlayer, whaur McQueer kythes hissel as the narrator.[4][5]

Scrievin style[eedit | eedit soorce]

McQueer's scrievins in Glesga Scots and Inglis hae a derk comic style that haes bin compared to Limmy an Irvine Welsh. Scots actor Martin Compston descrieved McQueer as "like Charlie Brooker on Buckfast".[1] His wark in the Scots leid heezed up the leid to young anes, mony o whit nae hink o Scots as "cultural cringe" onymair.[6]

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