Chornobyl disaster

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Chornobyl disaster
Chernobylreactor 1.jpg
The Chornobyl reactor #4 biggin as o 2006.
Date26 Apryle 1986 (1986-04-26)
Time01:23 (Moscow Time UTC+3)
LocationPripyat, (umwhile Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union)
CauseInadvertent explosion o core during emergency shutdoun o reactor whilst unnergangin pouer failur experiment
Daiths31 (direct)

The Chornobyl disaster (referred tae as the Chornobyl accident forby) wis a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 Aprile 1986 at the Chornobyl Nuclear Pouer Plant in Ukraine (then offeecially the Ukrainian SSR), which wis unner the direct jurisdiction o the central authorities o the Soviet Union. An explosion an fire released muckle quantities o radioactive pairticles intae the atmosphere, which spread ower much o the wastren USSR an Europe.

Coordinates: 51°23′23″N 30°05′57″E / 51.38972°N 30.09917°E / 51.38972; 30.09917 (Chornobyl disaster)