Chola dynasty

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Chola dynasty

300s BCE–1279 CE
Cairt shawing the extent o the Chola empire c. 1030
Cairt shawing the extent o the Chola empire c. 1030
CaipitalEarly Cholas: Poompuhar, Urayur, Tiruvarur,
Medieval Cholas: Pazhaiyaarai, Thanjavur
Gangaikonda Cholapuram
Common leidsTamil
• 848–871
Vijayalaya Chola
• 1246–1279
Rajendra Chola III
Historical eraMiddle Ages
• Established
300s BCE
• Rise o the medieval Cholas
848 CE
• Empire at its greatest extent
1030 CE
• Disestablished
1279 CE
Succeedit bi
Pandyan dynasty
The day pairt o Indie
 Sri Lanka
 Malaysie an  Indonesie[1]

The Chola dynasty wis ane o the langest-rulin dynasties in the history o soothren Indie. The earliest datable references tae this Tamil dynasty are in inscriptions frae the 3rd century BCE left bi Ashoka, o the Maurya Empire. As ane o the Three Crouned Keengs o Tamilakam, the dynasty continued tae govren ower varyin territory till the 13t century CE.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. John N. Miksic 2013, p. 79"...the north end of the Straits, from Barus to Kedah and Takuapa, may have been under direct Chola administration; a crown prince of the Chola dynasty probably served as viceroy in Kedah."