Chinatown, San Francisco

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The Gateway Arch (Dragon Gate) on Grant Avenue at Bush Street in Chinatown
The Gateway Arch (Dragon Gate) on Grant Avenue at Bush Street in Chinatown
Chinatown is locatit in San Francisco
Location athin Central San Francisco
Coordinates: 37°47′41″N 122°24′26″W / 37.79472°N 122.40722°W / 37.79472; -122.40722Coordinates: 37°47′41″N 122°24′26″W / 37.79472°N 122.40722°W / 37.79472; -122.40722
Kintra Unitit States
State Californie
Ceety-coontySan Francisco
 • SupervisorAaron Peskin
 • AssemblymemberDavid Chiu (D)[1]
 • State senatorMark Leno (D)[1]
 • U. S. rep.Nancy Pelosi (D)[2]
 • Total3.5 km2 (1.34 sq mi)
 • Laund3.5 km2 (1.34 sq mi)
 • Tot100,574
 • Density28,979/km2 (75,055/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−8 (Paceefic)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−7 (PDT)
ZIP codes
94108, 94111, 94104, 94133
Aurie codes415/628

The Chinatown centered on Grant Avenue an Stockton Street in San Francisco, Californie, (Cheenese: 唐人街; pinyin: tángrénjiē; Jyutping: tong4 jan4 gaai1) is the auldest Chinatown in North Americae an the lairgest Cheenese commonty ootside Asie. It is the auldest o the fower notable Chinatowns in the ceety.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10] Syne its establishment in 1848,[11] it haes been heichly important an influential in the history an cultur o ethnic Cheenese immigrants in North Americae. Chinatown is an enclave that continues tae reteen its awn customs, leids, places o wirship, social clubs, an identity. Thare are twa hospitals, numerous pairks an squares, a post office, an ither infrastructure. While recent immigrants an the elderly chuise tae live in here acause o the availability o affordable hoosin an thair familiarity wi the cultur,[12] the place is a major tourist attraction an aw, drawin mair visitors annually than the Gowden Gate Brig.[13]

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