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Cover o sheet muisic, published in 1910
Leeteral meanin"Chinese Street"
Alternative Cheenese name
Traditional Chinese中國城
Simplified Chinese中国城
Leeteral meanin"Cheenaetoun"
Seicont alternative Cheenese name
Traditional Chinese華埠
Simplified Chinese华埠
Leeteral meanin"Chinese District"

A Cheenaetoun (Cheenese: 唐人街/華埠/中國城, Cantonese jyutping: tong4 yan4 gaai1, Yale: tohng yahn gāai, Mandarin Pinyin: Tángrénjiē/Huá Bù/Zhōngguó Chéng ) is historically ony ethnic enclave o Cheenese or Han fowk ootside Cheenae, Taiwan an Singapore. Auries kent as "Cheenaetoun" exist throuoot the warld, includin Americae, Europe, Africae, Australasie an Asie.