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Chimalma is a goddess in Aztec meethologie, the mither o Quetzalcoatl. Her name means "shield-haund."

Accordin tae the Manuscript of 1558, section 7, the begettin o Quetzalcoatl happened in this wey: "An then when Mixcoatl went tae... Huitznahuac, the wumman Chimalman came oot tae confront him... She stuid nakit, athoot skirt or shift." While she stuid thus, Mixcoatl shot an arrae "atween her legs" -- on twa separate occasions. "An when this haed occurred, he teuk the wumman o Huitznauac, the ane who is Chimalman, an lay wi her an so she became pregnant."[1]

Accordin tae the Codex Chimalpopoca, referrin tae Quetzalcoatl, " his mither they say was Chimalman. An frae wha they say aboot him, Quetzalcoatl wis placit in her belly when she swallaeed a piece o jade."[2]

It is doutful, amaist certain, that the abuin descriptions are incorrect. The Feathered Serpent, regardless o the name uised bi the cultur designatin or invokin this spirit, wi names such as Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, an Q'uq'umatz, amangst ithers, wis an aspect o the Absolute Bein, which the Mayans cried Hunab Ku. Hunab Ku coud no be representit bi a figur or image directly, an as the Absolute Bein it wis totally inconceivable that a human coud designate a "mither o Quetzalcoatl".

Wha oral tradition does hauld regardin Chimalman is that she wis a spirit which accompaniet the Azteca frae the hameland o Aztlán. Huitzilopochtli an Quetzalcoatl wur spiritual entities adoptit frae the Toltec legacy whan the Azteca livit amangst the Chichimeca.

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