Chicago Tribune

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Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune Logo.svg
TeepDaily newspaper
Awner(s)Tribune Company
Foonder(s)James Kelly, John E. Wheeler an Joseph K. C. Forrest
PublisherTony W. Hunter
EditorGerould W. Kern[1]
Associate eeditorJoycelyn Winnecke
Managin eeditorsJane Hirt
Director o InteractiveBill Adee (VP for Digital Development an Operations, Tribune Media Group)
Opeenion eeditorR. Bruce Dold
Sport eeditorTim Bannon
FoonditJuin 10, 1847 (1847-06-10)
Poleetical alignmentConservative
HeidquartersTribune Tower
435 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Circulation414,930 daily
321,190 Saturday
781,324 Sunday[2]
OCLC number60639020

The Chicago Tribune is a major daily newspaper based in Chicago, Illinois, Unitit States, an the flagship publication o the Tribune Company. Umwhile self-styled as the "Warld's Greatest Newspaper" (for which WGN radio an television are named), it remains the maist-reid daily newspaper o the Chicago metropolitan aurie an the Great Lakes region an is currently the aichth-lairgest newspaper in the Unitit States bi circulation (an acame the seicont lairgest unner Tribune's ainership efter the Chicago Tribune's parent company purchased the Los Angeles Times).[3]

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