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The Roman empire unner Hadrian (ruled 117–138), shawin the location o the Cherusci in northwastren Germany.

The Cherusci (whiles cried the Cherusks) war a Germanic tribe that inhabitit pairts o the plains an forests o northwastren Germany, in the aurie possibly near present-day Hanover, during the 1st century BC an 1st century AD. Ethnically, Pliny the Elder groups them wi thair neighbours the Suebi an Chatti, as well as the Hermunduri, as Hermiones, ane o the Germanic groupins said tae strynd frae an auncestor named Mannus.[1] Thay led an important war against the Roman Empire. Subsequently thay war probably absorbed intae the tribal confederations such as the Franks an Allemanni.

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