Chenab River

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Chenab चिनाब / ਚਨਾਬ / چناب
Location o the Chenab [1]
Main sourceBaralacha La pass
Indie Himachal Pradesh
32°38′09″N 77°28′51″E / 32.63583°N 77.48083°E / 32.63583; 77.48083
River moothConfluence wi Sutlej tae form the Panjnad River
Bahawalpur destrict, Punjab, Pakistan
29°20′57″N 71°1′41″E / 29.34917°N 71.02806°E / 29.34917; 71.02806Coordinates: 29°20′57″N 71°1′41″E / 29.34917°N 71.02806°E / 29.34917; 71.02806
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth960 km (600 mi)approx.
  • Average rate:
    800.6 m3/s (28,270 cu ft/s)
  • Richt:
    Marusadar River[2]

The Chenab River (Punjabi: ਚਨਾਬ, چناب‬, Urdu: درياۓ چناب‎, Hindi: चनाब, (/əˈnɑːb/, canāb) literally: 'Muin (Chan) ਚਨ, चन, چن‬ River (aab) ਆਬ, आब, آب‬' is a major river o Indie and Pakistan.

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