Princess Charlotte Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

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Charlotte Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Tsarevna o Roushie
Charlotte Sophia Christine of Brunswick-Luneburg (Hermitage).jpeg
Born28 August 1694(1694-08-28)
Wolfenbüttel, Germany
Dee'd2 November 1715(1715-11-02) (aged 21)
Saunt Petersburg, Roushie
BuirialPeter an Paul Cathedral
SpouseAlexei Petrovich, Tsarevich o Roushie
IssueGrand Duchess Natalia Alexeievna
Peter II o Roushie
FaitherLouis Rudolph, Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
MitherChristine Luise o Oettingen-Oettingen

Princess Charlotte Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (Charlotte Christine Sophie; 28 August 1694 – 2 November 1715) wis a dochter-in-law o Peter the Great. She wis also a sister o Elisabeth Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, wife o Charles VI, Haly Roman Emperor, makin her an aunt o the future Empress Maria Theresa.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 25 October 1711 at Torgau, Princess Charlotte Christine mairit Alexei Petrovich, Tsarevich o Roushie, auldest son an heir o Peter I o Roushie bi his first wife Yevdokiya Lopukhina.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Grand Duchess Natalya Alexeyevna o Roushie 21 Julie 1714 - 22 November 1728) died young.
  2. Peter II o Roushie (23 October 1715 - 30 Januar 1730) died young.