Charlotte Brontë

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Charlotte Brontë
1854 photograph
Born21 Apryle 1816(1816-04-21)
Thornton, West Riding o Yorkshire, Ingland
Dee'd31 Mairch 1855(1855-03-31) (aged 38)
Haworth, Yorkshire, Ingland
Pen nameLord Charles Albert
Florian Wellesley
Currer Bell
ThriftNovelist, poet
GenreFeection, poetry
Notable warksJane Eyre
SpooseArthur Bell Nichols (1854–1855 (her daith))


Charlotte Brontë (/ˈbrɒnti/; 21 Aprile 1816 – 31 Mairch 1855) wis an Inglis novelist an poet, the eldest o the three Brontë sisters who survived intae adulthuid an whose novels are Inglis leeteratur staundarts. She wrote Jane Eyre unner the pen name Currer Bell.