Charlotte Amalie o Hesse-Kassel

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Charlotte Amalie o Hesse-Kassel
1650 Charlotte.jpg
Queen consort o Denmark an Norawa
Tenur9 Februar 1670 – 25 August 1699
Born27 Apryle 1650(1650-04-27)
Kassel, Hesse, Germany
Dee'd27 Mairch 1714(1714-03-27) (aged 63)
Copenhagen, Denmark
BuirialRoskilde Cathedral
SpouseChristian V o Denmark (m. 1667; d. 1699)
among others...
Frederick IV o Denmark
Prince Christian
Princess Sophia Hedwig
Prince Charles
Prince William
FaitherWilliam VI, Landgrave o Hesse-Kassel
MitherHedwig Sophia o Brandenburg

Charlotte Amalie o Hesse-Kassel (27 Aprile 1650 – 27 Mairch 1714) wis Queen o Denmark an Norway bi mairiage tae King Christian V. Awtho she hadn't much poleetical influence, she wis a successfu businesswoman in her mony estates an protectit foreign Protestant non-Lutherans frae opression. She gained popularity for defendin Copenhagen frae Swedish forces in 1700. Her favourite lady-in-waiting wis Charlotte Amélie de la Trémoille.