Charles de Blanchefort, Duke o Poix

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Charles de Blanchefort
Duke o Poix
Born24 March 1624
Poix-de-Picardie Picardy
Dee'd13 Februar 1687(1687-02-13) (aged 62)

Charles de Blanchefort, Duke o Poix, Laird o Blanchefort, Prince o Poix, Duke o Créquy (24 Marich 1624 – 13 Februar 1687) wis a French peer an soldier, wha served Louis XIV as diplomat an advisor.

In 1659 the Coont o Créquy wis sent tae Spain wi gifts for the Infanta Maria Theresa o Spain, an on a seemilar errand tae Bavaria in 1680 afore the marriage o the dauphin. He wis ambassador tae Roum frae 1662 tae 1665, an tae Ingland in 1677; an became governor o Paris in 1675. He died in Paris on 13 Februar 1687. His anly dochter, Madeleine, mairit Charles Belgique Hollande de La Trémoille.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1653 he mairit Anne Armande de Saint Gelais de Lansac. Wha wis later a lady-in-waiting tae Queen Marie Thérèse.