Charles XI o Swaden

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Charles XI
Charles XI of Sweden (1691).jpg
Charles XI, bi Ehrenstrahl, c. 1691.
Keeng o Swaden
Ring 13 Februar 1660 – 5 Aprile 1697
Coronation 28 September 1675
Predecessor Charles X
Successor Charles XII
Regent Hedwig Eleonora o Holstein-Gottorp
Born 24 November 1655
Tre Kronor, Swaden
Dee'd 5 Apryle 1697(1697-04-05) (aged 41)
Tre Kronor, Swaden
Buirial Riddarholmen Kirk, Stockholm
Spouse Ulrika Eleonora o Denmark
Issue Hedvig Sophia, Duchess o Holstein-Gottorp
Charles XII, Keeng o Swaden
Ulrika Eleonora, Queen o Sweden
Hoose Palatinate-Zweibrücken
Faither Charles X, Keeng o Swaden
Mither Hedwig Eleonora o Holstein-Gottorp
Releegion Lutheran

Charles XI an aa Carl, Swadish: Karl XI (24 November 1655auld style – 5 Aprile 1697auld style[1]) wis Keeng o Swaden frae 1660 till his daith.

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  1. This airticle uises the Julian calendar, that wis uised in Sweden till 1700 (see Swadish calendar for mair info). In the Gregorian calendar, Charles was born 4 December 1655, an died 15 Aprile 1697.