Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nt Marquess o Rockingham

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The Marquess o Rockingham

2nd Marquess of Rockingham.jpg
Prime Meenister o Great Breetain
In office
27 Mairch 1782 – 1 Julie 1782
MonarchGeorge III
Precedit biLaird North
Succeedit biThe Yerl o Shelburne
In office
13 Julie 1765 – 30 Julie 1766
MonarchGeorge III
Precedit biGeorge Grenville
Succeedit biThe Yerl o Chatham
Personal details
Born13 Mey 1730(1730-05-13)
Wentworth, Yorkshire, Ingland
Dee'd1 Julie 1782(1782-07-01) (aged 52)
Wimbledon, Surrey, Ingland
Poleetical pairtyWhig
Spoose(s)mairied on 26 Februar 1752 Mary Bright
Alma materSt John's College, Cambridge
ReligionKirk o Ingland

Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nt Marquess o Rockingham, KG, PC, FRS (13 Mey 1730 – 1 Julie 1782), styled The Hon. Charles Watson-Wentworth afore 1733, Viscount Higham atween 1733 an 1746, Yerl o Malton atween 1746 an 1750 an The Marquess o Rockingham in 1750, wis a Breetish Whig statesman, maist notable for his twa terms as Prime Meenister o Great Breetain.