Charles IV o Fraunce

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Charles the Fair
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Keeng o Fraunce
Ring 3 Januar 1322 – 1 Februar 1328
Coronation 21 Februar 1322
Predecessor Philip V
Successor Philip VI
Keeng o Navarre
Ring 3 Januar 1322 – 1 Februar 1328
Predecessor Philip II
Successor Joan II
Born 18/19 Juin 1294
Clermont, Oise, Fraunce
Dee'd 1 Februar 1328 (aged 33)
Vincennes, Fraunce
Buirial Saunt Denis Basilica
Spouse Blanche o Burgundy
Marie o Luxembourg
Jeanne d'Évreux
Issue Blanche, Duchess o Orléans
Hoose Hoose o Capet
Faither Philip IV o Fraunce
Mither Joan I o Navarre
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Charles IV (Clermont 18/19 Juin 1294 – Vincennes 1 Februar 1328), cried the Fair (French: le Bel), wis Coont o Champagne, Keeng o Navarre (as Charles I), an the last "direct" Capetian Keeng o Fraunce frae 1322 tae his daith.