Charles III, Duke o Savoy

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Charles III o Savoy
Charles III, bi Jean Clouet.
Duke o Savoy
Ring 10 September 1504 – 17 August 1553
Predecessor Philibert II
Successor Emmanuel Philibert
Born 10 October 1486(1486-10-10)
Château de Chazey-sur-Ain, Fraunce
Dee'd 17 August 1553(1553-08-17) (aged 66)
Spouse Infanta Beatrice o Portugal
Issue Emmanuel Philibert, Duke o Savoy
Full name
Carlo di Savoia
Hoose Savoy (main line)
Faither Philip II o Savoy
Mither Claudine de Brosse
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Lesser coat of arms of the Kingdom of Italy (1890).svg

Charles III of Savoy (10 October 1486 – 17 August 1553), often called Charles the Good, was Duke o Savoy from 1504 to 1553, although most of his lands were ruled bi the French between 1536 an his daith.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 8 Aprile 1521 Charles mairit Infanta Beatrice o Portugal, daughter o Manuel I o Portugal. Beatrice wis both first cousin an sister-in-law o the Charles V, Haly Roman Emperor. They haed nine childer, but anly one child, Emmanuel Philibert, would reach adulthood.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Adriano Giovanni Amadeo o Savoy, Prince o Piedmont (19 November 1522 – 10 Januar 1523) died young.
  2. Ludovico o Savoy, Prince o Piedmont (4 December 1523 – 25 November 1536) died young.
  3. Emmanuel Philibert, Duke o Savoy (8 July 1528 – 30 August 1580), mairit Marguerite o Fraunce, Duchess o Berry, sister o Henri II, Keeng o Fraunce
  4. Caterina o Savoy (25 November 1529-May 1536)
  5. Maria o Savoy (12 Juin 1530 – 1531)
  6. Isabella o Savoy (Mey 1532 – 24 September 1533) died young.
  7. Emanuele o Savoy (Mey 1533) died young.
  8. Emanuele o Savoy (Mey 1534) died young.
  9. Giovanni o Savoy (3 December 1537 – 8 Januar 1538) died young.

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