Charles G. Dawes

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Charles G. Dawes
Chas G Dawes-H&E.jpg
Unitit States Ambassador tae the Unitit Kinrick
In office
Juin 15, 1929 – December 30, 1931
Preses Herbert Hoover
Precedit bi Alanson B. Houghton
Succeedit bi Andrew Mellon
30th Vice Preses o the Unitit States
In office
Mairch 4, 1925 – Mairch 4, 1929
Preses Calvin Coolidge
Precedit bi Calvin Coolidge
Succeedit bi Charles Curtis
1st Director o the U.S. Bureau o the Budget
In office
Juin 23, 1921 – Juin 30, 1922
Preses Warren G. Harding
Precedit bi Poseetion creatit
Succeedit bi Herbert Lord
10t Comptroller o the Siller
In office
Januar 1, 1898 – September 30, 1901
Preses William McKinley
Precedit bi James H. Eckels
Succeedit bi William Barret Ridgely
Personal details
Born 27 August 1865(1865-08-27)
Marietta, Ohio, U.S.
Dee'd 23 Apryle 1951(1951-04-23) (aged 85)
Evanston, Illinois, U.S.
Poleetical pairty Republican
Spoose(s) Caro Blymyer Dawes (m. 1889; d. 1951)
Bairns Rufus Fearing, Carolyn, Dana, Virginia
Alma mater
Religion Congregationalist
Ceevilian awairds Nobel Peace Prize (shared), 1925
Signatur Cursive signatur in ink
Militar service
Allegiance  Unitit States o Americae
Service/branch Seal of the United States Department of War.png Unitit States Airmy
Years o service 1917–1919
Rank US-O7 insignia.svg Brigadier general
Unit American Expeditionary Force
Unitit States War Depairtment (Liquidation Commission)
Battles/wars Warld War I
Militar awairds Distinguished Service Medal

Charles Gates Dawes (August 27, 1865 – Aprile 23, 1951) wis an American banker, politeecian, an militar general wha wis the 30t Vice Preses o the Unitit States (1925–29). For his wirk on the Dawes Plan for Warld War I reparations, he wis a co-recipient o the Nobel Peace Prize in 1925. Dawes served in the First Warld War, wis the Comptroller o the Siller, the first director o the Bureau o the Budget, an, in later life, the Ambassador tae the Unitit Kinrick.