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Charles Felix
Carlos Félix de Cerdeña, por Jean Baptiste Isabey.jpg
Keeng o Sardinie
Ring 12 March 1821 – 27 April 1831
Predecessor Victor Emmanuel I
Successor Charles Albert
Born 6 Apryle 1765(1765-04-06)
Ryal Pailace, Turin
Dee'd 27 Apryle 1831(1831-04-27) (aged 66)
Palazzo Chiablese, Turin
Buirial Ryal Basilica, Turin
Spouse Maria Cristina o Naples
Full name
Carlo Felice Giuseppe Maria di Savoia
Hoose House of Savoy
Faither Victor Amadeus III o Sardinie
Mither Maria Antonia o Spain
Seegnatur Charles Felix's signature
Coat of arms of sardinia (1720).svg

Charles Felix (Carlo Felice Giuseppe Maria; 6 Aprile 1765 – 27 Aprile 1831) wis born a Prince o Savoy an wis later the last mainline Savoyard keeng o Sardinie. He was a nephew o Charles III o Spain an cousin o Maria I o Portugal as well as son in law o Maria Carolina o Austrick. He wis Keeng o Sardinie frae 1821 to 1831. he died in Turin at the Palazzo Chablais which haed been given tae him bi his sister Princess Maria Anna. He also acted as Viceroy an Regent o Sardinie.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He was married by proxy tae Princess Maria Cristina o Naples an Sicily on 7 Mairch 1807. She wis a daughter o Ferdinand I o the Twa Sicilies an Maria Carolina o Austrick, sister o Marie Antoinette, an thus a sister o Queen Marie Amélie o the French. They haed nae childer.

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