Charles Auguste de Goÿon, Coont o Gacé

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Charles Auguste de Goÿon
Coont o Gacé
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The Coont o Gacé bi Rigaud.
Full name
Charles Auguste de Goÿon
Born28 Mey 1647
Dee'd6 December 1729 (aged 82)
Paris, Fraunce
FaitherFrançois de Goÿon, Laird o Matignon
MitherAnne de Malon
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Charles Auguste de Goÿon, Coont o Gacé (28 Mey 1647 - 6 December 1729) wis the French soldier, diplomat an Marshal o Fraunce.

The youngest son o François de Goÿon, sieur o Matignon (died 1675) bi his wife Anne de Malon, he wis descended frae the ancient noble Bricquebe, a Breton faimilie.

A career soldier, Goÿon rose tae become Governor o Aunis (1688), Marshal o the French Airmy (1691), before being appointed Field Marshal (1708).

A portrait of him bi Hyacinthe Rigaud hangs in the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen.

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