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Chapelcross nuclear pouer station

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Chapelcross nuclear pouer station
Chapelcross nuclear pouer station, prior tae demoleetion o the cuilin touers
Coordinates55°00′56″N 3°13′34″W / 55.01566°N 3.22605°W / 55.01566; -3.22605
Commission date1959
Decommission date2004
Operator(s)United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.
Pouer generation
Primary fuelNuclear
grid reference NY2161169707

Chapelcross wis a Magnox nuclear pouer plant locatit near Annan in Dumfries an Gallowa in sooth wast Scotland. It wis the sister plant tae Calder Hall in Cumbria, Ingland, baith commissioned an oreeginally operatit bi the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.