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Change UKThe Independent Group
Abbreviation ChUK
Leader Heidi Allen (interim)
Spokesperson Chuka Umunna
Convener Gavin Shuker
Slogan Politics is broken. Let’s change it.
Foondit 18 Februar 2019; 7 months ago (2019-02-18)
Split frae Labour Party
Conservative Pairty
Heidquarters 521 Terminal House
52 Grosvenor Gardens
SW1W 0AU[1]
Youth weeng Young Independents
Ideology Pro-Europeanism[2]
Poleetical poseetion Centre
European Pairlament group European Fowk's Pairty[lower-alpha 1]
Colours      Black      White[3]
Hoose o Commons
11 / 650
Hoose o Lairds
0 / 781
European Pairlament (UK seats)
1 / 73

Change UK – The Independent Group (ChUK) is a centrist, pro-European Union poleetical pairty in the Unitit Kinrick.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Wi respect tae the current affiliation o the MEP that has defectit tae the pairty

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