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Change UK

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Change UKThe Independent Group
LeaderHeidi Allen (interim)
SpokespersonChuka Umunna
ConvenerGavin Shuker
SloganPolitics is broken. Let’s change it.
Foondit18 Februar 2019
Dissolved19 December 2019
Split fraeLabour Party
Conservative Pairty
Heidquarters521 Terminal House
52 Grosvenor Gardens
SW1W 0AU[1]
Youth weengYoung Independents
Poleetical poseetionCentre
European Pairlament groupEuropean Fowk's Pairty[a]
Colours     Black      White[3]
Hoose o Commons
11 / 650
Hoose o Lairds
0 / 781
European Pairlament (UK seats)
1 / 73

Change UK – The Independent Group (ChUK) is a centrist, pro-European Union poleetical pairty in the Unitit Kinrick.

  1. Wi respect tae the current affiliation o the MEP that has defectit tae the pairty


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