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Chăm Pa
Chiêm Thành
The territory o Champa circa 1380 unner the rule o Keeng Che Bunga
Caipital Kandapurpura (192 – 605)
Simhapura (605 – 757)
Virapura (757 – 875)
Indrapura(875 – 982)
(982 – 1471)
Panduranga (1471–1832)
Leids Chamic leids, Malay, Sanskrit
Releegion Islam, Hinduism an Buddhism
Government Monarchy
 -  Established 192
 -  Panduranga annexed bi Vietnam's Nguyễn dynasty 1832
The day pairt o  Vietnam

The term Champa refers tae a collection o independent Cham polities that extendit athort the coast o whit is the day central an soothren Vietnam frae approximately the 2nt century throu 19t century (1832), afore bein absorbed an annexed bi the Vietnamese state.[1]

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