Chagatai Khanate

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Chagatai Khanate
Цагаадайн Хаант Улс
Tsagadain Khaant Uls
Nomadic empire
Diveesion o the Mongol Empire

1225 – 1340s (Whole)
1340s – 1370 (Wastren)

1340s–1680s (Eastren)
The Chagatai Khanate (green), c. 1300.
Caipital Almaliq, Qarshi
Leids Middle Mongolie
Releegion Shamanism
Christianity (minority)

later Naqshbandi Sunni Islam

Government Semi-elective monarchy, later hereditary monarchy
 -  1225–1242 Chagatai Khan
Legislatur Kurultai
Historical era Late Middle Ages
 -  Chagatai Khan inheritit pairt o Mongol Empire 1225
 -  Death of Chagatai 1242
 -  Chagatai Khanate split intae twa parts, Wastren Chagatai Khanate an Moghulistan 1340s
 -  End o the wastren empire. 1370
 -  End o the eastren empire. 1680s
 -  1310 or 1350 est.[1][2] 3,500,000 km² (1,351,358 sq mi)
Siller Coins (dirhams, Kebek, an pūl cunyies)
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Mongol Empire
Western Chagatai Khanate
Timurid Empire
Afaq Khoja
Dzungar Khanate
The day pairt o  Kyrgyzstan

The Chagatai Khanate (Mongolian: Tsagadain Khaant Uls/Цагаадайн Хаант Улс) wis a khanate that comprised the lands ruled bi Chagatai Khan,[3] seicont son o Genghis Khan, an his stryndents an successors.

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